Our current offerings include oral steroids and injectable steroids and protections. Anabolic Steroids manufactured by STEROPHARMA have an excess of 99% purity with no fillers or unknown substances. All raw materials are tested to ensure certified content percentages are consistently met without exception.


Anabolic steroids are available as both injectable administrations and oral products. There are two ways to administer injectable steroids, either via subcutaneous injection via a short needle into the fatty later underneath the skin, or via intramuscular injection which is a deeper injection directly into the muscle. Your injection schedule will usually dictate which method to use (twice a week or less = intramuscular, daily = subcutaneous), as well as your preferred injection site.

Injecting steroids have some definite advantages over oral steroids and it’s important that you analyze both methods of administration and choose whichever one suits you best. If you decide on a method of administration that is easy for you to perform, you are more likely to see your cycle through until the end.

The most obvious benefit that injectable steroids have over their oral cousins is that they are not hepatotoxic. Injectable steroids are safer on the liver and the user does not risk hepatic injury because injectable compounds don’t require specific chemical alterations which allow them to survive passing through the liver without being broken almost entirely down. It’s also worth consider that injectable steroids have a much longer half-life due to the ester attached to the hormone. To get the maximum benefit from oral steroids, most must be administered daily, or sometimes they are spread out throughout the day. The ester present in injectable steroids allows a much more infrequent administration and don’t need to be administered daily. 

One more key advantage that injectable steroids have over orals is that they allow the user to have better control of the exact amount they are putting into their system. This is because they are not having to deal with the vagaries of the digestive system. This is of great benefit to experienced users as they know exactly how their body responds to specific amounts of various hormones and can tailor their cycle exactly to suit.


Once you’ve decided to enhance your natural athletic ability by virtue of hormones or steroids, your primary concern should be how to do it as safely as possible.

To protect yourself again any risks you should always purchase your steroids from a licensed and registered laboratory such as STEROPHARMA. Such laboratories will practice proper sanitation, filtering processes in a sterile environment, follow good manufacturing guidelines (GMP) and they will take all appropriate precautions to ensure foreign materials are not introduced to the batch.

Legitimate labs will post test results, have friendly and accessible customer service that will address any concerns that you have and answer questions honestly and with transparency. They will test their raw ingredients prior to manufacturing to ensure an end product that will return a test of at least 99% purity. Best of all, it means you are buying pharmaceutical grade products that are dosed correctly.

STEROPHARMA ticks all of these boxes and remain the superior steroid manufacturer in the industry when it comes to safety, purity, and proven results.